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Jewelry brings us to the richness and happiness by mysterious natural power.
Jewelry cosmetics with the aim of Anti-Aging birth by the latest technology of Japan.
These our cosmetics are manufactured from the ingredient which fitted halal.

By Jewelry, Shine the skin, Moisten the skin, and Attractive the skin.

Diamond washing water

Cleaning components derived from diamond powder and plant polished softly skin, leading to a clear skin.

Carbonate power gel

Carbonate pack that has been a favorite in high professional conscious beauty of Japan. Carbon gas is allowed to activate the skin cells, and gives a gloss and clarity to the skin. Please realize the haste effect of surprise.

Gold powder snow

Lotion such as powder snow is born by the Japanese craftsmanship.
The change in water at the moment of application to the skin, and penetrate the skin.
Moisturizing and whitening is achieved in the skin.
Please realize a pleasant feel and moisturizing feeling.

Diamond water gel

The blending the power of the diamond to the all-in-one type of gel a lot of loyal even in Japan.
To care of your skin, in "this one", and moisten the skin, and nourish the skin, and shining skin.
Maintain the youth of the whitening skin.

Diamond jellyl

Japan has also become a hot topic, such as want to eat, the shape memory jelly.
For those seeking a more moisturizing feeling.
By blending the diamond has been improved more shine and whitening power.
Please realize the texture and rich moisturizing feeling of trimmed skin.

Natural melt oil cream

Oil of plant-derived protect the skin, and prevented the evaporation of the skin of moisture. By formulation technology that achieves the aroma of sustained-release, long time aroma was confined to the oil, to comfortably you.

Company NameKarin Co., Ltd.
President & CEOEiko Suzuki
Capital3 million yen
Establishment2012, November
Business ActivitiesBeauty creation, manufacturing and selling of Cosmetic products and Beauty & Healthcare supplements by the ingredient which adapted to Halal.
Head Office Ginza Yamato Bldg 7F, 7-9-17,
Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-0061, Japan
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Ginza Yamato Bldg 7F, 7-9-17
Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
104-0061 Japan
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